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In response to demand, I created this page of hand felted scarves in styles I can re-create in whatever colors of fiber I can get my hands on. The exact scarves shown are not for sale, but can be duplicated with whatever fibers I have in stock, or can order if you need a color combination I don't have. Lead times for orders may vary depending on my work load. Please inquire via email orders@ahandmadegift.com

Feather Felt Scarves (photos above)   $49

Light as air luxury. These are 'cobweb' felted narrow scarves made from Merino wool blends with with silk, bamboo, tencel, etc. or plain Merino with the silk or other fibers as embellishment for shine. Each is felted horizontally, with a single lengthwise stripe which creates a slight ruffle, and natural uneven character. Cobweb felting is an ultra light method which deliberately creates imperfections, holes, and a semi-translucent effect.

"Off the Grid" Scarves (photos above)   $72

Fun yet elegant. These scarves are felted from Merino or other soft wools, or can be made from other fiber blends I have in stock (expensive blends may add cost). Each has novelty yarns added randomly throughout for glitz and fun! Wear as a decorative shawl, wrap around your neck for a fun and warm accessory, or pull one end through any of the holes for a loose, dramatic effect.

Nuno Edge Felted Scarves (photos above)   $55 to $80

Hand dyed Merino wool felted as a wide edge over ultra-light silk gauze. The felt draws the fabric in, and creates puckering and a gentle ruffled edge. This style is simple yet elegant--lightweight yet warm. Available with white or black silk gauze fabric. Larger sizes, embellishments and hand dyed fabric may require additional cost and time. (Autumn Leaves, shown right, is the basic style starting at $55).

Nuno Stripe Felted Scarves (photos above)   $45 to $90

Hand dyed Merino Wool/Silk (or Merino with Tencel, bamboo, soy silk, latte, etc for shine) felted in stripes (1 or more) onto a pre-hemmed silk chiffon scarf (chiffon is heavier than gauze). Stripes of felted wool create ruffles of fabric between them, for a fantastic, flowing effect. Larger sizes, embellishments and hand dyed fabric may require additional cost and time.

Skinny Scarves (photos above)   $38

Whimsical, fun and bright, or dark and brooding, these skinny scarves can be worn as scarf, belt, hair tie, or any way your heart desires. Hand felted from a stripe of wool or wool blend with fun stuff sandwiched in between: handspun novelty yarns, wool locks, or whatever strikes my fancy (or yours)

US orders 0-$14.99 are $3 for first class shipping. $15-$74.99 is only $5 flat rate.
International customers, please email for rates.

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